Passionate Cuisine

Walnut Valley Assisted Living dining options: rice plate

What is Compassionate Cuisine?

Here at Walnut Valley, we understand not only the physiological need for nutrition and hydration, but the joy and fulfilment that comes from enjoying our favorite foods and the social dining experience. For most it is an incredibly important part of our social being and daily life. We have worked to design a philosophy and
approach to dining so that each resident suffering from dementia can still enjoy their favorites foods, feel a social connection, and nourish their bodies, all while maintaining their dignity.

Why do we do this?

Dementia and its associated conditions can create a unique set of challenges to a successful daily dining experience. Not all foods are tolerated and tastes change, appetites decrease, dexterity declines, and attention spans are much shorter than they used to be. We understand the need to be flexible, mindful, and innovative and that is why we have created Compassionate Cuisine Experience.

Walnut Valley Assisted Living dining options: chicken bowl
Walnut Valley Assisted Living dining options: money bag dumplings

How do we achieve this dining experience?

  • We understand that the interests, abilities, and needs of each resident are constantly changing and our dining techniques must realistically address these changes.
  • A calm dining atmosphere that promotes concentration.
  • Adaptive utensils to assist with dexterity issues.
  • A commitment to serve and present many needed diet modifications with dignity.